Trees can vary in shape, size and colour. It is vital to understand the signs and symptoms of a sick or dying tree. The signs of a sick tree can differ greatly and it is important to understand that different species will show different symptoms. There are clear universal symptoms that apply to all species of trees surrounding the diagnosis of a sickness and if these problems are caught at an early stage, there is a strong possibility that the tree will survive.

When it comes to the diagnosis of a tree whether it is sick or dying, there are a couple of main aspects to keep an eye out for. The first aspect, being the most obvious is the loss or reduction of growth of leaves on all or parts of your tree. Other signs or aspects that can be easily spotted by you include the bark of the tree becoming brittle and peeling off, limbs becoming brittle like and eventually falling off or the trunk of the tree becoming sponge like or brittle. These are all signs that can be easily spotted by you in your garden.

There is a vast amount of issues surrounding the above signs of tree sickness which range from age to diseases. The age of the tree can play a large role in the sickness of a tree. As trees age, they become stronger and hardier, but after a certain age, which can range from a decade to a millennia depending on the tree type, the tree will begin decaying due to its old age. A tree that is dying due to its age cannot be saved as it is a natural occurrence which is unpreventable. When referring to tree diseases, there are a great deal that apply to all trees. Diseases include Kirramyces leaf diseases, Phellinus noxius – brown root rot, Quambalaria shoot blight and Pink disease. All these diseases can and will harm your tree causing its sickness and decay. One of the major factors however, that cause a trees sickness are pests. In Australia there are various amounts of pest

s that can cause the sickness and downfall of your trees. These pests include and are not limited to the Sirex Wood Wasp, Christmas Beetles, Termites and Leaf Beetles.

If your trees are showing signs of sickness and bad health, it is recommended to look for the above problems and contact a tree surgeon as soon as possible. The issues above are some of the more prevalent ones that occur and can be eradicated if they are caught at an early stage, providing a longer life span for your trees.