Trees can become problematic at times and pruning is required. We offer a professional pruning service allowing the tree to retain its health and structure, all pruning work is carried out by qualified arborists and complies with Australian Standard AS 4373-2007.

Common tree pruning works carried out are:
Crown Thinning
By reducing the canopy density of a tree by the removal of secondary branches, a 10% crown thinning can allow better light into a yard or help rekindle a lost view. This can be an option used when the tree is to be retained.

Selective Pruning
Sometimes there are some branches that cause a specific problem, such as tapping against a building or allow birds to perch over your car. Selective pruning is an excellent option to remove these branches without damaging the structure of the tree.

Removing Dead Wood from a Tree

Removing Dead Wood from a Tree

Removal of deadwood is the removal of dead branches. This prevents the dangerous situation of dead branches falling during times of heavy wind. Deadwooding is also used to remove small dead branches that fall regularly from trees. By removing them it reduces the frequency of twigs littering your property.

Crown Lifting
If you need to increase a trees clearance, you can perform a crown lifting which is where you remove the lowest branches. This improves clearance and access from the lower obstructing branches.

Remedial Pruning
Remedial pruning is the corrective pruning of damaged branches to promote healthy growth. This can involve removing diseased branches, or tidying up some localised damage.

Formative Pruning
Plants don’t always grow in the directions you want unless you plan it. Formative pruning to young trees encourage growth in better and more suitable formations.

Palm Pruning
The removal of old and potentially hazardous fronds and fruiting clusters is a regular request. These often fall and make a mess, or a strong smell. This is a great preventative option to stop that smell or any damage to objects below.

Line Clearance
Pruning to maintain safe clearances around overhead services such as power lines, transmission lines, or telephone connections.

Tree Pruning can be complex and difficult task – a professional arborist should always be sought. Sydney Tree Removals uses qualified experienced arborists for all tree pruning services. When undertaking tree pruning our work conforms to Australian Standards. We can remove branches from difficult to reach places without damaging the tree or its surroundings. For tree pruning call Sydney Tree Removals for a no obligation free quote.