Mature trees are a valuable asset to every home, business, and community. They increase the quality of our lives by providing shade, pleasant views, fragrant smells, and somewhere to tie our hammocks. Trees and palms require qualified arborists to ensure their longevity, with arborists often referred to as “tree doctors” or “tree surgeons” because of their specialised skills.

Tree Pruning Near Power Lines

Aborists Pruning a Tree Near Power Lines Using Cherry Picker

Some of their specialised skills include;
•     Climbing trees and removing difficult branches without wounding the tree.
•     Identifying and removing disease from trees. This process is called disinfection.
•     Pruning in a way to prevent the splitting or tearing of the branch collar or trunk, without leaving stubs, resulting in the promoted growth in a desired manner.
•     Lowering branches in high, confined, or hazardous places.
•     Pruning to protect the growth habit, and maintaining the correct weight, crown, foliage distribution.
•     Formative pruning of young trees to enhance the shape of the plant, reduce the development of structural weaknesses, and to accommodate site constraints.

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