Rotten Tree

Rotten Tree Inspected in Arborist Report

An arborist inspection is generally conducted to assist in landscape design and the maintenance of your property considering the trees. It is also common for arborist reports to be carried out as a pre-purchase or pre-sales tool for property buyers who want to assess what issues tree(s) may pose for them, or to assess the safety risk a tree may pose on your property. Occasionally a local council will required a arborist report to substantiate applications (such as development applications) to the council.

During an arborist inspection, the arborist will visit your site and inspect the trees in and around the property, with the permission of the owner of the tree, to collect the required information about the tree and its environment. The tree’s dimensions, health, diseases, insects, root structure and location are all considered.

A detailed document, following an Arborist inspection, that assesses the issues being considered of the tree, including defects, health concerns, hazards or risks associated with the tree are all included in the report. The report will indicate whether the tree should be removed or not, or detail a tree management strategy. Further recommendations will be included in the report for the tree(s) assessed. All arborist reports and assessments are legal documents and are only completed by fully qualified arborists.

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