We are proud to announce our latest acquisition of a Bandit 90 XP Wood Chipper. It is a compact, easy-to-tow 9 inch disc style chipper. It is built tough and comes with a powerful dual feed system. This feed systems allows it to process multiple branch stems at once, as well as large diameter pieces (up to 9 inches). This particular model is popular amount tree services because of it manoeuvrability and low operating costs.

A wood chipper (also known as a tree chipper) is used to reduce wood (tree branches, trunks, stumps, etc) into mulch or wood chip. This one is fully portable and will be towed behind a truck that will collect the wood chip and mulch.  The wood chipper is powered by a diesel engine that drives a heavy flywheel that has chipping blades mounted on the face of the flywheel. As wood is fed into the unit it is gripped by grooved rollers so it is reduced into usable mulch or wood chip at a steady rate.

It features 2x 7.5 inch diameter feed wheels powered by 2x 15.5 CID hydraulic motors. It has a 30 inch deep by 35 inch folding in feed pan, giving plenty of room for our arborists to feed collapsing twiggy material. It also has many safety features that prevent injury to its users, and is quickly reversible for situations where branches get caught on clothing.

This new wood chipper is a important addition to our tree arbor services, allowing Sydney Tree Removals to keep up with the increasing demand for tree services in Sydney. Contact us today for a free quote on tree lopping, tree removal, palm pruningwood chipping, or other tree services.

Wood Chipping

Bandix 90 XP Chipping Wood

Wood Chipper

Bandit 90 XP Wood Chipper