Palm Tree Removal

Palm Tree with Fruit / Seeds for Removal

For one reason or another, people feel compelled to plant palm trees all around the place. Often they stand alone as the only palm amongst a garden full of native trees. Palms grow very tall and have fruit or seeds that drop making a nasty mess and more unpleasantly, a foul rotting odour (if not cleaned up right away). Palms  fronds regularly die as the tree grows and they can take up half the space of  your green waste bin as you dispose of them.

Some great reasons to dispose of your palm trees are;

  • their spikes can hold dangerous bacteria. Cocos palms if they spike you can leave you feeling sore for days – and you will likely get infected at the point you got spiked. If this happens you should contact your doctor as soon as possible for treatment.
  • they have strong and deep roots that destroy plumbing and drainage systems. The root system is basically impossible to dig around.
  • they drop fronds that don’t compost, mulch, or shred. The fronds will take up most of your green bin’s capacity.
  • they drop fruit, berries, nuts, seeds on your roof that can kill your lawn, dent your car or roof, rot and stink, be a trip hazard, or be a general  unwanted mess.
  • they provide a safe refuge for rates, snakes, bats and other creatures you might not want living in your yard.
  • they offer little to no shade or privacy.
  • they CAN be non-native and appear on your councils exemption list of the Tree Preservation Order and can be removed without application to council. Native plants are better adapted for the Australian climate and if you can get rid of a palm tree without approval… FANTASTIC!

There are many other reasons why you might want to get rid of a tree, developing your property, aesthetics, or because it has died. My tip for palm tree removal is to consider contacting a local palm tree removal arborist for a free quote. They can often remove the palm for less than your time and effort is worth. The cost will be based on location, danger factors, size, and disposal costs in your area. But if you really want to remove the palm tree yourself, make sure you know what you are doing and do it safely. No point saving a few dollars at the risk of serious injury. My other tip is similar the first, if you insist on doing your own palm tree lopping, you should get a professional to remove your palm tree stumps. It won’t cost very much at all, and will save time, from a few  blisters and a great deal of pain and frustration.