If you have ever had a decision to make on whether or not to remove a tree you will already know that it is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having the tree removed will not come that cheap and it could cost even more if the job is not done in the correct manner.

A job like this is certainly not what you will be employing the services of your local landscape gardener for; it will need the experience and knowledge of a proper tree removal company. These can be found quite easily as there are more than enough of them located all across Australia, including of course Sydney.

So here are my three main reasons as to why a tree should be considered for removal:

  • If the tree is either dead or dying – Any dead or dying tree really should be removed simply because once a tree is dead they can become a big danger for your home. They will eventually become weak and branches could fall off or it could fall during a storm. If you are unsure on whether the tree is dead, you could employ the services of a botanist to let you know.
  • If the tree is damaging your property – The roots of a tree can over time cause a certain level of risk to your property. They could damage any underground gas and water pipes, overhead electricity lines as well as damaging side walks or paving. If you think there is a real danger of property damage, it is definitely time to call in a tree removal expert.
  • If the tree is reducing the value of your home – This is certainly not my favourite reason for removing a tree, especially if it is alive and not a risk to your property but sometimes a tree can actually cause your house value to decline. This is usually down to how the tree looks, with it becoming more of an eye sore than a compliment to your home.

Before having any tree removed be sure to have a look at the local regulations as to whether the tree is legally able to be removed. Some trees can be a home to some of the world’s endangered species and will not be allowed to be removed. Additionally, always make sure that your tree removal contractor is fully licensed to do what you ask of him. We suggest using Sydney Tree Removals due to their qualifications, wealth of experience and professionalism.